Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Doo dah...

Ok, so here we go. My first post on a new blog. Rivrdog tried getting me to start a blog earlier this year, when he hosted my posts about my trip to Mississippi after Katrina.

*Note: Any of the above links using leet-speak were sent via my cell phone... please excuse me for that*

At the time, I told Rivrdog that I just don't have time to run a blog, not to mention that I don't think my writing is that impressive. He didn't agree.

I've made a habit of emailing bloggers I like, and posting to forums I enjoy reading.

I guess I can probably spend a little time writing stuff and posting it here.

So, here's a preview of what you can expect to see here:

-Some political stuff
-Some car stuff (both maintenance/repair, and customizing old cars and trucks
-Home repair and remodeling

.... in no particular order or level of importance, it'll just be whatever's on my mind at the time.

Stuff about me that either I consider important, or somebody else might think is important:

-I'm generally a conservative, especially w/ regards to fiscal matters. Socially, I think I might fit in better with Libertarians - don't shove your views in my face, and I won't shoot you in yours. I don't have parades about making love to my wife; if you want to have parades about your sexual escapades, we'll probably have a problem. If you keep your love life private, then it can be whatever you want it to be, and I DON'T MIND.

Well, as long as you're not dating my daughter or my wife :)

- I think every law-abiding American should own at least 3 guns, and know how to use them - a handgun, a shotgun, and a battle rifle. Call 911, and tell them you have someone who's broken into your home, then call Domino's - see who gets their first. We're responsible for our own safety. Relying on the government (any government) to take care of us in an emergency is foolish.

- I think Liberals are idiots. NOTE - I said Liberals (with a capital L), not Democrats. There are some Democrats who haven't succumbed to the Liberal cesspit - and their ideas are worth rational evaluation. Big-L Liberals, on the other hand, need to learn to shut up while the adults talk.

- I live in a home built in the 1950s, and it has several areas where it needs either repairs, or updates. My wife, L, and I bought it knowing this, and I'll try to document the processes of what I do, so other folks can follow along and maybe do the same kind of thing, if it's something they want to do.

- I like cars. I work on cars any chance I get ("spinning wrenches"). As my best friend, Dave, once described me: "That sumbitch ain't happy unless he's got grease under his fingernails". Dave was pretty much right.

I work on modern cars for my friends, to help them keep their daily drivers running and getting them back and forth to work. I work on old cars by choice, because they're just fun. I'll be documenting several projects here, of old cars I work on, just because I consider them fun. If you like cars, stay tuned :)

- Less ABOUT me, and more something that INFLUENCES me: My Dad died 25 June, 2005. It was sudden, traumatic, and completely unexpected. And I lost not only my Dad, but also my best friend. There WILL be posts about him, as he was, and still is, a major influence on my life. He also left me the big garage where I'll be doing the majority of my car work.

- Also, less ABOUT me, than INFLUENCES me: L and I had a son named T, who lived for about two hours, in 2004, after he was born about four months premature. We're getting ready to try again. We both really want kids, and are looking forward to having them, we just have to be very careful after the warning signs T pointed out to us. You'll read more about this if you follow this blog at all.

I guess that's about all I have to say on my inaugural blog post. Please check the links, they are to blogs I really enjoy reading, because they generally have something worth saying.

We'll see where this goes from here!


Blogger Rivrdog said...

Happy New Blog! Dad's Garage, a most appropriate way to remember your late, beloved father.

I know that such a blog from such a solid citizen will be a pillar of the blogging community.

And, I'm not too shy to say to myself, "Congrats, you're a BlogFather today"

I've just caught up on the posts so far. Solid writing make for easy reading, but the steel in the words reminds me of a simple but solid bot action battle rifle:

It won't grace the front pages of many gun magazines, but it works, and works well, one aimed shot at a time.

Let this blog be your "old boltie", Sir. There's plenty of ammo for it.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Aunt Susan said...

Ok Aaron. You did good with the fist blog. Carry on.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Aunt Susan said...

Well, you did good with the FIRST's that.

3:26 PM  

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