Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year, East Coast!

It's after midnight on the East Coast... Happy New Years, goobers!

I used to live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, so I can say that... I also got to see Star Wars: Episode One an hour before my friends back here in Texas.

It'll be another 35 minutes or so before it's midnight here in Fort Worth... and my wife, L, is at work, so I don't get to kiss her :(

Consider yourselves priveliged that I'm writing for you instead.

I had thought about going to where L works, to give her a kiss at midnight... but tonight is Amateur Drunk Night, and I don't think I want to risk that.

Us expert drunks should find a place to be, and stay put, and let the amateurs duke it out on the roads.

I'm at home, and staying here, and I'll give L a big kiss when she gets home tomorrow morning.


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