Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter Weekend!

Not sure exactly how "Eastery" I'll be this weekend - lots of work to do. But I won't forget (and you, dear Readers, shouldn't either) what this Sunday represents.

If you don't know what this Sunday means (besides mythical bunnies, colored, boiled eggs and candy), find a small- to mid-sized church and attend services Sunday morning. Trust me - if I didn't burst into flames walking into a large Baptist church for my wedding, you'll suffer no harm in a smaller, friendlier church on Easter Sunday. And it's almost universally a good sermon this weekend.

Ok. That's my evangelizing quota for the forseeable future.

In other news, there's no carpet left in Dad's House. Plans are being developed for further progress, and money's reserved to buy building materials. Pretty big job, rehabbing an entire house (parts of which are most likely more than 100 years old), but should result in a good, sturdy house for my long-time friend Bud to live in for a while, and eventually be a nice little house for Mom and StepDad to live in (a few dozen yards from the house Lisa and I will build) when they get old enough for the tables to be turned - they took care of me when I was young, and I'll take care of them when they're old.

Friend Dave grew up with that arrangement, as he reminded me tonight. His grandparents' house was a few dozen yards away from the house he grew up in. Their offspring & spouse were just across a large yard, with grandkids around and about all the time. No nursing homes for them. Some measure of independence, with a FAMILY support structure ready at hand.

Dad's Mom and Dad (my Grandparents) are doing much the same thing, with Dad's siblings (my Aunts and Uncle). Some changes going on there, and there will be plenty of work for all of us to do to facilitate those changes, but it'll be a good thing when it's all done.

I don't like nursing homes. I do like extended family, and I especially like having lots of extended family together in one place... visits are that much better!

Anyway... I'm worn out, about to call Lisa at work and tell her goodnight. Probably more will be written this weekend, possibly something that some of you shouldn't read if profanity offends you. I may unleash the RantMonster on Congress. Keep in mind the reason for this Holiday, and if you don't know much about it, find out.

And have a good weekend!


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