Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!

It's a few days early, but Cap'nMo and the Wench will be celebrating their tenth anniversary later this week!

Of course, the Taurus that the Cap'n and I have been Spinnin' Wrenches on so much lately is the Wench's normal car.

It appears that the last remaining problem is valves and seats, and possibly valve guides... So Lisa and I are presenting the Cap'n and the Wench an anniversary present of me fixing this as though it were mine... and we're having the heads milled to equal deck heights, and new valves, guides, and seats installed. Then when the Cap'n and I get everything back together, the Wench should have ZERO problems out of this car.

At least, that's my plan. Cross yer fingers that it turns out to be so.

Oh, and BTW... if you ever get a chance to eat the lasagne that Wench makes... DO SO. I got treated with it tonight, and I'm still full, and still smiling thinking about it :)

For that matter... if you ever get a chance to eat ANYTHING that either the Wench or Lisa makes... EAT. You won't be sorry :)

Anything made by Cap'nMo or myself, however... well, if we didn't cook it on the grill, you're probably better off saying "No, thanks, I just ate a little while ago".

But if either of us grilled it, you'd be missing out if you turned it down. And that's OK! (Means more for me!)


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