Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quick post, re: We Need Ideas

I'll try to keep this one fairly short:

I posted before about how we need more ideas, and less screeching, from the liberals - note I differentiate between Liberals and liberals.

I also differentiate between Conservatives and conservatives.

I'm basically a Republican, Lisa's basically a Democrat.

I'm a conservative, she's a liberal. Note the lower-case designations there.

Our home is a perfect example of where this country needs to go - we talk about politics on a semi-regular basis, and frequently, we'll both come away from a discussion with changed viewpoints.

Because we TALK, we don't SCREECH.

We trade IDEAS. And we frequently point out something the other hadn't considered, that requires a shift in our worldview to incorporate.

This is what happens when intelligent people with different viewpoints sit down and talk together.

What happens when people just yell? We get more polarized, and move closer to using violence to determine who's right. In other words, another Civil War.

Lisa and I regularly avert a civil war in our home, by talking and discussing, as rational people with different points of view. Very often, our points of view wind up closer together after these talks than they were before.

That's what we need to do on a national basis - find the rational, intelligent people who we don't agree with, and sit down and talk to them in a rational, intelligent conversation.

To my knowlege, the only time screeching has ever accomplished anything is when an owl paralyzes its prey.

I ain't ready to screech, or listen to screeching. Rational talk goes a lot farther.


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