Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'm not a big fan of football. I'll watch a game, if it's on anyway, or if I'm with friends who want to watch, but mostly it's something I can take or leave. Unless a game runs long, and screws up my DVR recording of the season premier of "24", in which case neighbors start wondering if they need to call the cops.

However, Rivrdog has a damn good observation.

Go - look at it.

If that doesn't make you feel something between the breastbone and the spine, and between the waist and the neck, go see a doctor.

It has a little added impact for me - those fighters are F-16s, for those of you who don't recognize them. Dad spent the vast majority of his career at General Dynamics, and then Lockheed when Lockheed bought the F-16 program, supporting the delivery of that exact aircraft to the USAF and our allies. Those airplanes were Dad's livlihood since about 1976.


Blogger David said...

Regardless of whether or not the pic is photoshopped (as some of Rivrdog's commenters have mentioned), there's no better plane to be in that type of pic than the F-16. Nothing more beautiful in the sky. As old as it is, the design is such that it still looks like the fighter jet of the future.

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