Friday, January 27, 2006

MSM is beyond worthless... they're traitorous.

I'm sure none of you who would read a blog like this one need any reminding.

But for the most part (I'm holding my brother-in-law as an exception), the journal-jizzmers are trying their best to make sure we lose the GWT.

Rivrdog spells it out pretty well.

Just in case Rivrdog uses too many words for your poor little mind to understand, I'll say it (in a quote, unfortunately I don't remember which of our Generals said it) more simply:

"Iraq went from having the fourth-largest army in the world, to the second-largest army in Iraq, in about 100 hours".

Think about that for a few minutes, you leftist, defeatist, pieces of... well... ok, I'll be nice, since I found out tonight that Mom actually reads this blog. I'll just say that my four dogs leave more useful things in the backyard than you will ever amount to.


Blogger Rivrdog said...

You are too kind, sir. Now you will have to post EVERY DAY, because I will be lite posting while I am on vacation for the next month.

You don't have to apologize about not posting every day. I do, mostly because I'm retired and can take the time to do it.

Look at the great bloggers who post only occasionally: The Layabout Sailor, Bill Whttle of Eject!Eject!Eject! and others.

3:55 AM  

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