Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kids Gone Wild -aka- evidence of a severe shortage of spankings

THIS makes me shake my head in disgust.

I'm not familiar with the term "yobs" - my guess is "Young and OBnoxious", in the plural.

SO many ways to deal with this problem... from right now, and going back 15-20 years.

The most difficult and resource-consuming would be if the worthless cops recognized a problem, and imposed a curfew.

Or if the parents just kept their little hell-spawns at home.

Or severe ass-beatings by local homeowners (given the gang mentality mentioned in the article, would probably require a neighborhood-watch style organization, with many ass-beatings handed out simultaneously). And no, I'm not talking about curb-stomping here - I'm talking about adults turning adolescents over their knee, and paddling their asses. Humiliation, not hospitalization.

Or, we could go back in time, back to when these hoodlums (or yobs) were still in their diapers (I guess the Brits call them nappies), and start spanking them THEN. About as soon as the toddler in question could start making cause --> effect connections. "Mommy says don't do that, or you'll get spanked"... --> *SPANK*

Guess what? Everywhere that's been tried (which has been pretty much everywhere up until, oh, maybe 20 or so years ago), IT'S WORKED!!!

Set down solid ground rules for kids. Keep them consistent. When the kid breaks the rules, there's punishment, and the punishment is also consistent. Of course, the punishment has to be unpleasant - a timeout in the corner, where Mommy quits bitching at me for a while, IS NOT PUNISHMENT.

I might be unfairly generalizing here, but I doubt it: The worthless POSs in the linked article scream at me "Children who were never disciplined", "Children who were never taught to respect others' property", "Children who were never taught that their actions have consequences".

So the children are now worthless POSs, instead of an up-and-coming productive generation.

That isn't the kids' fault, although they should still be punished for their actions. Somebody, somewhere, has to START setting them straight, unless we want an entire generation of nothing but worthless crap.

But honestly, the fault lies with the parents who never taught them any better. THOSE assholes should be held criminally and civilly liable for the havok that their minor-aged, never-taught-to-be-part-of-society spawn is wreaking on this village.

Same goes here in the States - if you can stick it in, you can take responsibility for it. If you can pop it out nine months later, you can take responsibility for it. If you fail to take responsibility, you WILL be held responsible for acts that your minor offspring commits - both civilly and criminally, as each applies.

Of course, for this idea to work, we've got to get rid of the idea that spanking is "child abuse". Best way I can envision to do that requires some assembly though: Child Abductive Services worker, rope, tree.

Lisa and I both grew up with corporal punishment. Neither of us is in therapy, or scarred from our upbringing. But we both know right from wrong, and we both know that actions carry consequences. And our children will be raised the same way.

I triple-throw-down-double-dog-DARE any Child Abductive Services piece of walking human excrement to EVER show up at my door saying I'm abusing my children by giving them spankings when they break well-established rules. Anybody who volunteers for that duty should be taken OFF duty, immediately, and put on suicide watch. Anybody who's assigned that duty should immediately put in for combat- and hazardous-duty pay. And if you don't get it, refuse the assignment, for your own well-being.

Ugh... I'm pissing myself off just by writing this. I'll pursue it more later.

But the original point I wanted to make was: If these "yobs" had been raised with any sort of discipline (which may be illegal in formerly-great Britain), they probably wouldn't be having this kind of trouble.

h/t: Kim


Blogger Rivrdog said...

You're correct, corporal discipline is so severely limited as to be useless over there these days.

It wasn't so when I went to school there in the '50's. If you screwed up in school, you were caned IN FRONT OF YOUR CHUMS. I didn't escape it, I got Six for talking in the back of the class AFTER TWO WARNINGS NOT TO DO SO.

Rattan cane. Smarted mightly. Yes it did. I STILL heed calls for silence even now, over 50 years later.

If a kid has a brain, the fastest way to get rules into it when the kid has erected various brain-walls is from the seat of the pants. If the kid has no brain, well, that is what reform school and then prison is for.

9:31 AM  

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