Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spinnin' Wrenches - Taurus - 2nd verse

Fairly laid-back night... cap'n mo and I left work, went home to our wives for a while, then met back at Dad's Garage. Objective: get everything ready for reassembly tomorrow.

In the process, I came up with a new Law of Physics (or whatever you want to call it):

Neal's First Law (yeah, I might come up with more later):

The likeihood of a leak, whether it be oil, coolant, or any other thing you DON'T want to leak, is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent cleaning the sealing surfaces.

Yeah, I'm sure all of us grease monkeys know this instinctively... but I've never seen it written before, so I'm claiming credit for it!

Anyway, Cap'n Mo and I spent an enjoyable evening cleaning gasket residue, shooting the sh1t, drinking beer, and talking about the terrors we went through with our firstborn sons.

His firstborn son is now my godson. And I'm pretty damned proud of him.

My firstborn... he's our littlest hero. That wasn't fun to talk about, but Cap'n Mo listened like the true friend he is, and let me get it out.

Anyway... the Taurus is ready for the new parts we'll bring to tomorrow night. We've done as much Murphy-proofing as we can think of, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. Get it back together, and find no leaks, no problems. I'll keep all of ya posted on that :)

BTW: To the Ford Design Engineer who decided the pushrods should trap the intake manifold gaskets - I owe you repeated kicks to your balls.


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