Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We need ideas!

Lisa and I just had a fairly short (for us) political discussion.

I pretty much agree with Kim - Republicans are the Stupid Party.

But Democrats are the Stupider party - they've been the majority for so long, they've apparently forgotten how to be an opposition party.

There are SO MANY things the Republicans are getting wrong - all it would take is for a Democrat (or preferably, many Democrats) to say "That's a bad idea, here's a better one". That would make conservatives like me sit up and take notice, and respond to polls in ways that would pull the Republicans (probably kicking and screaming) back on to the right track.

But instead, just about all the Democrats have to offer is "WE HATE BUSH!" They don't offer up better ideas. They don't even offer up viable alternative ideas, which could spark real debate over IDEAS - the best they can do is hate Bush, or regurgitate tired old disproven ideas.

PLEASE, Democrats - give us something to DEBATE. Not just ANTI-BUSH. Give us something, anything, idea-wise, to counter the mistakes the Republicans are making. Something that makes sense, is pro-America, and pro-Constitution. Please?

You're the OPPOSITION party. I know you're not used to that anymore... but it wouldn't take much time on the Blogosphere to figure out where Moderates and Conservatives have a problem with the current Republican leadership. Use that. It might not get you back in charge, but you can, and should, use IDEAS to reign in the Stupid Party's current excesses. Just like they used to do back when you were in charge.

Give us IDEAS, and we'll talk about them. Hating Bush is not an idea, it's an ideology, and we're not going to talk about it, except to ridicule you.


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