Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fire Congress

Ok... I've worked at cleaning this up to family-friendly levels, but it's still gonna be a little harsh. If you're easily offended by language, pass this one by.

This is a plan on how to fix the Feddle Gummint.


I first though about this roughly 15 years ago, shortly after I was old enough to vote, and disgusted with Congress as a whole.


Doesn't matter that it might result in a (D)umbass Congress... we could do it again in two years. But it would get some attention.

As in, "You sorry sacks of shout... you haven't been listening to your bosses (voters), and your job performance is abysmal. YOU'RE FIRED.

FIRE every member of Congress. Send letters, phone calls, emails and faxes to the FNGs replacing them, explaining that their predecessors were FIRED for not listening to their bosses, and they'll be subject to the same treatment if they don't listen to their BOSSES.

Of course, this could be started in the primaries, so we could still vote against leftists. But I'd take two years of a Leftist House against what we've got right now.

These forkers have forgotten what they were sent to Washington to do, and it's time they got a wake-up call. Vote across party lines, across ideology, and VOTE THE FORKERS OUT!!!

Every damn one of them. I'd love to see a 100% turnover in the House this year (like I said, if we start with the primaries, we don't have to make it a (D)umbass House), and see 1/3 of the Senate lose their jobs (again, ideally in the primaries).

"Congress has done such a poor job representing We, the People, that I will vote against each and every one of you".

Don't stay home in droves. Show up in droves to VOTE THE FORKERS OUT.

I guarantee the next generation of the House (and the Senate, if they can re-awaken a few higher mental functions) would sit up and take some notice that they ought to maybe start paying attention to what voters (and not illegal aliens) are saying... or they'll be the next casualties in the "Reclaiming of Congress".

Specific things to point out:
1) You can oppose a war, but you're not allowed to lie about what our troops are doing, or about their morale.
2) You're not allowed to spend MY money indiscrimately.
3) You're not allowed to buy votes with MY money
4) You're not allowed to ignore the 10th Amendment. The Interstate Commerce clause is not a "do anything you want" card.
5) You'd better get straight on A- control spending B- Control our borders C- Don't play games with our rights any more. In fact, roll back rights-disrupting laws.
6) Untangle the INS red tape. We DO need immigrants, but we need them to be legal. Quit making it so hard to obey the law.


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