Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas in Charge, and views on religion

As anyone who follows any kind of news knows, the terrorst outfit Hamas recently won control of the Palestinian Authority.

Given that the PA has been recognized as a "state" by the UN, and multiple anti-Semitic countries, this now means that the PA is officially a terrorist-supporting state.

There's been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth that I've seen in the blogosphere about Hamas winning in the recent Palestinian elections - and I'll admit, I started to do the same thing.

But the AnalogKid has the right take on it, I think.

I used to think, "Israel, be careful in your attacks - be careful to only target known terrorists, and leave the rest of the Palestinian people alone, or you're going to generate more problems than you solve".

Well.... The Paleoswinians (h/t: Misha) have now voted into power a known terrorist organization.

That means three big things:

#1: The Paleoswinian civilians, ie the voting public, is no longer off-limits to the Israeli Defense Forces. They voted to put in power a bunch of asswipe terrorists.

#2: It is now illegal for any US organizations to fund the PA, since the PA is now officially a terrorist organization (and yeah, Hamas is listed on the TO "Illegal to Fund" list.) This includes the US government - so the PA just lost one of their major backers, finanically. Let's see how that works out.

#3: The Paleoswinians are now, according to popular vote, officially a terrorist state. Israel has no more obligation to treat them as human beings, as their POPULAR VOTE endorsed terrorism specifically against the State of Israel.

Note to my Israeli readers (as if I might have any), and to any Jewish readers who stumble upon this blog:

I'm a Christian. We don't believe all the same things, but we worship the same God. Ok, fine. Yanno, I'm a big fan of the First Amendment of the US Constitution... we don't have to believe the same things. But you worship the same God I do, so that makes me think you're ok... and I hate splodeydopes who want to tell us we can't worship the way we want. So even if we don't believe exactly the same, you're going to find me front and center defending your beliefs, since you don't try to force them on me.

Same thing goes for every other religion in the world. You worship your God, in your way, and leave me alone to worship my God in my way... and we'll get along just fine. This especilly applies to my fellow Christians. And MOST especially applies to Islamists.

Israel, taking action against a so-called "state" such as Paleswine, or Iran, who has publicly said that their goal is to eradicate you, is not aggressive. It's in your own self-interest. Do it. You will, I promise, have at least this Texan and this American backing you.

And I will DAMN sure vote against ANYONE, Democrat or Republican, who says you shouldn't have hammered either Hamas or Iran.

Israel, it's now officially a TARGET-RICH ENVIRONMENT. Go for it. I'll be cheering for you.


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