Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ditzy Twits

They have a new song out... "Not ready to make nice". Lisa wanted to hear it, so it's playing behind me right now.

Typical Bush Derangement Syndrome BS. I heard it on the radio about two weeks ago, and I changed the station immediately. Until the Ditzy Twits issue a full apology to President Bush, I'll not listen to their crap, and I'll let the radio stations here in Dallas/Fort Worth know that if they play that garbage, they'll have lost a listener for at least as much time as it takes for that song to end.

Then I realized... I heard that crap ONCE, when it was released, about two weeks ago. Haven't heard it since. I guess a few folks around here let the country radio stations know that the Ditzy Twits are still persona non grata here in heartland America.


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