Friday, January 11, 2008

Righteous Shooting

This is somebody's daughter. Maybe somebody's wife, sister, aunt, or mother.

Audio is gut-wrenching, imagery (via Oleg Volk) is awesome.

This one turned out ok. What about the next one?

Laws that prohibit gun ownership violate the most basic of civil rights, the right to self-defense.

"Protection could be in your hands, now... or parked by the donut shop".

"911 will send crimestoppers at 80 mph... her rifle, at 800 mph. Which will save her life?"

I love Oleg Volk's imagery... but in this case, I thank God that she had a friend who would loan her a gun, that she had the will to use it, and that her parents aren't burying their daughter.

Guns in the hands of normal people save lives, folks. Outlawing guns only means that only outlaws have guns, and and normal people (like the woman in that 911 call) are defenseless against them.


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