Friday, June 08, 2007

Correcting an Omission

I don't know why I've never mentioned this here... just sheer dumbassedness, probably.

Funny. Blogger thinks "dumbassedness" is either misspelled, or not a real word. Idiots.

Anyway, my good friend Bud, who is one of The Guys Who Can Be Counted On, is an amateur writer. He's posted a lot of his material online for free.

If you like stories about the supernatural, leaning strongly into the vampire genre (more Quentin Tarantino than Anne Rice, except intelligent), go check out his short stories.

He also has three full-length novels up, that are an entertaining way to burn several hours. They're more focused on shapeshifters than vampires, though, with emphasis on a young "man" who is coming of age. Pretty good stuff, in my opinion.

Oh, and the Tshirts he has for sale? I already have one, and it's pretty damn cool.

There. That's my shameless plug for one of my best friends.


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