Sunday, June 10, 2007

B Minus 11 hours

One more wakeup.

Lisa's scheduled for a c-section Monday at noon. Of course, somebody else in an emergency could bump that - we may have bumped somebody else 3 years ago.

We just finished a talk about "what if" something happened to Lisa, at her insistance - I didn't want to even acknowledge the possibility, but had to admit... I've insisted in the past that we talk about what we would do in disasters, even if they're unlikely, and unpleasant. Failure to plan is planning to fail, so...

Ok, we talked, and planned, and that's done. 'Nuff said.

She did lay down one mandate, that's realistically likely, and practical: Our friends Bud, Tommy, Gene and I are not allowed to visit simultaneously. Mainly because when we all get together, we start ragging on each other enough to have Lisa laughing uncontrollably, and post-gut-cut, she doesn't want to be laughing too hard.

Probably a good idea :)

I'm pretty sure Lisa wishes her Mom was here for guidance, about as much as I wish I could get some more advice from Dad. I'll bet they've got adjacent spectator seats in Heaven, though :)

Wish us luck, and again all prayer-like things are appreciated. Probably the next time I post, I'll have a son to be looking out for :) I'll keep you all up to date, as time allows.

[edit] I hit Submit at exactly 1:00am Central. I dunno what the hell is wrong with Blogger to delay it by two hours (time zone difference) and 18 minutes (retardedness).


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