Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oleg Volk

Yes, I am an unabashed fan of Oleg Volk's work.

Many reasons -
-He's a great photographer. Artist, really
-He's a great supporter of the 2nd amendment
-He makes all kinds of sense.

Here are a few of my favorites, after spending a few hours browsing around his site:

The "Drug War" has cops bashing in doors (all too often, the WRONG doors) at all hours of the night. I can promise you... I'm not growing, dealing, or using drugs, so if my door gets bashed in the middle of the night, I'll assume it's gangbangers and answer with gunfire. Good chance either me or whoever's coming in is going to get killed. And since I know my house better than most door-kickers... best to stay the hell away from here.

This one speaks to me a LOT - Racism's just FLAT WRONG. KKK members are cowardly shitballs in my book.

A man standing up to a racist is a friend in my book. A man standing between his family and danger is a friend in my book. This man, and the men like him back in the '60s, are MEN I'd be proud to call friend and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with.

Beautiful work, Mr. Volk... thank you. Keep it up, please!


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