Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rivrdog's home safe

I was kinda worried when he didn't post anything for a few days; turns out he just stopped on the way home to visit his Sis and left the laptop in its bag.

Apparently some BBQ that didn't measure up to what he's had recently welcomed him home (actually, I called him last night as he was getting back to his house from that restaurant, and he said the ribs were ok, but that's about it).

He did, however, take the time to email me some pics he took of me shooting my .45, and several follow-up emails critiquing my grip and stance, so... THANKS, Rivrdog! I'll be checking and adjusting as necessary during practice in the coming days/weeks/months before my CHL re-qual, and I do indeed intend to shoot a 250 out of 250 when I renew my license, and I'll do it with full-house loads out of the .45 I carry every day.

And while we're at it - everybody send good wishes/thoughts/prayers to the RivrDaughter, who's getting the last of the reconstructive steel out of her leg tomorrow, while Rivrdog stands watch.


Blogger George said...

Thanks again for the kind words, Sir Aaron.

As I write this comment, the goofy-juice doctor is opening valves and the 1RivrDaughter is going under for what should be the final surgery to repair her leg.

The super-surgeon who saved the leg last year is operating, and the 1RDtr hand-picked the rest of the surgical team herself, since that is what she does when she manages the Neuro and Ortho surgical practices at that hospital.

She is supremely confident. I am just a back-up and general go-fer to take care of her when they discharge her right out of the recovery room later this morning.

She'll be hurting some, and I'll be here to remind her that Marines are not afraid of pain.

As for your shooting, I am supremely confident you will ace the course, Sir Knight. I have to get out the silhouette targets myself soon, as I have my own re-cert for my HR-218 carry card in three weeks or so. I haven't had my Glock Mdl 22 out much lately, but I have been shooting the .357 enough to know I can hit with it. I'll need to practice the tricky 15-yard right-over-left barricade series, since it's the only stage of fire I've ever had any trouble with.

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