Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Farewell and Safe Travels

Rivrdog left early this morning; he's headed back home to Oregon.

I think he stayed longer than he had planned; we had a NASTY storm move through early this week (I think it's affecting places as far away as New York now).

I told him when he got here "Hospitality here is open-ended"; he wisely decided to hang around here, have a break from the road, and let this storm roll by rather than trying to drive through it.

I think we had some fun, and he's documented it pretty well. Some good food, visiting with friends, some shooting, a trip to Cabela's, and Rivrdog, Lisa and I doing some sitting/standing around and just shooting the shit with each other. Good times :)

Alex and I waved bye-bye as he left this morning in the LBT... I was sorry to see him go, but I know from personal experience, heading home is usually the best part of any trip.

Keep it between the ditches, and shiny side up, greasy side down.

Godspeed, Rivrdog, and we may be up to see you before too long :)


Blogger George said...

I hope you do make it up to the Northwest, and when you get there, you'll have the choice of staying on the boat or in my home, or both. Of course, there are fine shooting ranges nearby to either the boat or my home, and I belong to both of them....

9:00 AM  

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