Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bigtime Oops

After a little help, figured out the fuel pressure regulator on the Blazer was bad. Bud went and got a new one, and as I was removing the fuel-line keeper, lost a little 8mm nut.

Unfortunately, the little nut went down an intake passage I'd neglected to cover.

More unfortunately, that particular nut is one of TWO on the whole damn engine which is non-magnetic.

Long story short, I wound up having to pull the intake manifold, find the nut (resting on top of an intake valve, just WAITING for the thing to open so it could wreck the valve and/or piston), then reassemble the manifold and everything that is associated with it.

Good news - I've ridden this rodeo recently, so I was able to get it done pretty quick.

Still, a big, ugly OOPS.


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