Wednesday, May 21, 2008


One of the recent storms that came through North Texas took down half of an OLD tree in our backyard. We were very lucky that it only glancingly hit the house; it could have caved in part of the roof had it hit solidly.

So, I've been working on cleanup. Chainsawed the downed wood into two categories: Brush, and Firewood.

Today, I started loading Firewood into the pickup to go store. Unfortunately, some of the larger pieces are too big to split with just a maul... so I had to load some BIG TREE-TRUNK size pieces of wood.

Most were probably between 150-200 pounds. One I'm guessing was about 300 pounds.

Honestly, I'm kind of impressed I could lift it onto the tailgate. I did cheat a little though; I had the truck squatted some from the weight of the other big pieces lifted in. I've probably got about 1500 pounds in a half-ton truck right now.

Yes, I'll be driving slowly tomorrow, with lots of following distance. Yes, I'm on plenty of OTC painkillers. No, I'm not sure I'll be moving well tomorrow morning.

But all of the really big stuff is out of my backyard; I may actually be able to mow soon.


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