Monday, May 05, 2008

Lisa Rocks!

Lisa's been mowing over at Dad's - she kind of enjoys mowing on the riding mower there.

Friend Bud has been helping too - I did a little, when I didn't have Alex to take care of.

We got started early this year, and have been able to keep up. Yesterday, Lisa mowed about 3 acres in less than two hours, including some that was pretty tall.

Only a few areas are still tall; they'll get knocked down pretty quick and then we'll have the whole place neat and trim, and keep it that way, reducing fire hazards for the 4th of July (which we'll celebrate on the 5th, as it's a Saturday this year).


Blogger George said...

You could have sent her out West (with the mower). I just paid a chap $100 to cut my foot-high lawn (and clean it up afterward, he did a nice job) merely because during my latest bad back episode, it got so high my Honda wouldn't have hacked it.

He brought a "stander" huge turf machine, and did the 5-6,000 ft/sq in 8 minutes. The cleanup took the next 3 hours.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

You probably got a deal...

Considering fuel prices, even though Lisa would like to meet the RivrWife, I doubt $100 would have cut it.

Not to mention Lisa really doesn't LIKE mowing... she just does it to free me up to do the things she REALLY dislikes.

Although she does take an appropriate amount of pride-in-work, when the place is all neat and trim-looking, and it's because of her work - she gets a kick out of that.

12:23 AM  

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