Thursday, May 07, 2009

Boomershoot - More Good Stuff

Well, I've written about the Journey - long and tiring, but beautiful. I've written about learning to get hits on very small targets at long range - very satisfying, and knowledge worth the trip.

This is about the whole Boomershoot trip, 'cause it's best taken as a whole:

Worst part of the trip: Leaving home. I carried this pic with me; it's Alex getting so excited he started tickling HIMSELF:

I found out that there are, in fact, Hardee's fast food joints west of the Mississippi - great news, since they make the best grilled sourdough burgers on the planet, and I DID avail myself.

I also got my truck and trailer frozen while driving through Montana - who knew it would come a snowstorm 'way up north in late April? Bleh - I do NOT like snow, but it didn't keep me from getting to Boomershoot. Just made a mess out of my truck and trailer.

That's about all I've got gas for to do tonight; more will follow.


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