Thursday, February 23, 2006

Happiness is...


Lots and lots of ammo.

Brother Dave brought me 1000 rounds of .30 Carbine tonight that he had picked up for me a couple of weekends ago at a gun show.

Combined with what's in my safe, that'll be enough to finish function-testing the rest of the magazines I bought at the last gunshow Lisa and I went to, and still have plenty of ammo left over.

No promises, but I'll try to get a pic up this weekend of that handy little M-1 Carbine that Lisa likes to shoot so well, and has been a favorite of mine since Dad bought it back in the late '70s.

Interesting thing that just occurred to me... Lisa's favorite guns (pistol and rifle) are both guns we inherited from Dad. The M-1 Carbine is the only rifle we own (other than the .22s) that doesn't kick too hard for her, and the Ruger 9mm P-85 is the one she aced her CHL course with (246 out of 250, as a relatively new shooter!). It was borrowed from Dad when she took the test, but now it's hers.

Anyway... plenty, and then some, is always good when it comes to ammo. Now to find room for it in the safe....


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