Thursday, February 23, 2006

Something's Brewing Here...

Or more accurately, something's fermenting here.

Inspired by The Skipper, I asked Lisa for a Mr. Beer kit for Valentine's Day, and of course, being the Angel that she is, that's exactly what I got.

Tonight I finally got around to brewing up my first batch - something simple, a West Coast Pale Ale. Brother Dave came by while I was sanitizing everything, to deliver some ammo he and Brother Bud picked up for me at a gun show a couple of weekends ago. He hung out in the kitchen with me while we worked our way through all the directions, and left right after I added the yeast.

Hopefully this'll turn out to be good! It needs to ferment for a week, then it gets bottled and carbonates naturally for another week. So in about two weeks, I should have a report ready...


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