Thursday, February 16, 2006

Texas Weather

"If you don't like it, wait a bit; it'll change."

Pretty good example of that right now. Today's high was supposed to be 80F, and I think officially it was right about there. The thermometer in my truck hit 89 on my way home from Plano this afternoon - I actually had to run the AC for a little while, when crosswinds made me roll up the windows.

Right now, about two hours after sunset, I'd guess it's in the mid-60s, windy, and dropping fast.

The high tomorrow is supposed to be 40F. That's right - a 40-degree difference in daytime highs, from one day to the next. I'm not sure that today's LOW was as low as 40 degrees. And that will be tomorrow's HIGH.

Have I mentioned that I HATE cold weather? And to all you Northerners - yeah, I'm a Texan, and 40 and windy is friggen COLD! Think I'm a wuss? Come cut, haul, and stack firewood with me this August. I'll even pay for the medical care when you pass out from the heat.

Oh well... guess I have to take the bad with the good... it was nice being able to walk around in shirtsleeves the past two days, in the middle of February :)

I think I'm about to head over to Dad's, do a bit more packing in the house while I get a good fire going in the woodstove so not too much propane gets burned overnight.


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