Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hilarious... or Depressing.

Go read this.

A formerly-homeless artist, handing out 10-dollar bills to "the homeless" (aka, anybody who shows up) in what may be the homeless capitol of America (Due to the city gummit's coddling of them).

So-called artist gets spooked when the crowd of 500 is there waiting on him, and leaves without passing out free money.

What the hell did he expect? I'm surprised it was ONLY 500.

Note, he did the same thing on Wednesday and Thursday - Friday was The Big Letdown for Leeches (tm).

My favorite (stomach-turning) quote:

The Thursday crowd "was peaceful," he said. "Today, it just got a little out of control. There's so many people, and now they're upset they're not going to get their money."

"Their Money". Think about that. The 'he' in the above quote is Sgt. Anthony Manfreda, a San Francisco police sergeant.

"Their Money". In the mind of Sgt. Manfreda, Joe Canada walked off with money that BELONGED to the "pore and starvin". I'm surprised he didn't arrest him for theft.

"Their Money". This is what the entitlement mindset gets you.

Remember, folks, the world don't owe you a damn thing. You're BORROWING the space you take up. It's up to YOU to make the most of it.

It really bothers me that this is the city my LilSis, Bro-in-Law, and my two nephews are living in.

Bro-in-Law, please work on getting a contract here in Dallas/Fort Worth, or anywhere in Texas for that matter. I'd love to see all of you more often, and would worry about you a lot less. Not to mention, I miss all of you!


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