Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Year Ago Today

As Kim said, "Catastrophe".

"Walter and Adam" were two snipers who we in the Nation of Riflemen were supporting - initially with some new (and apparently sorely-needed) equipment, and after they deployed to Mosul, Iraq, with care packages.

Adam was killed by a car bomb while on patrol a year ago.

Here are more postings illustrating the impact this tremendous young man had on people who knew him, and even on people like me, who only knew OF him:

Paying Respects

Now It's Personal

One Last Thought About Plum

Whom We Mourn

Just in case you think the LTC Kurilla in the above post is some stuffed-shirt Army brass, go read about how he operates.

It so happens that Adam was from the same town as Rivrdog, who also attended Adam's Memorial Service and delivered the wreath from the NoR.

Rivrdog also attended the graveside service on behalf of the rest of the NoR. Please read that touching account, as well as the photo album he has posted.

Stryker Brigade News also has a roundup of news reports and online posts.

Adam, I regret that I never met you when you were alive. Thank you for your sacrifice - we won't forget.


UPDATE: Today, Rivrdog posts "Present Arms", and mentions that he's not linking anything, so as not to try to bump his blog statistics. I thought it worked the other way around, that BEING linked increased statistics, but I'm new to this and very well could be wrong. Anyway, if anyone would rather not follow my links (if that matters at all?), go to as well as , and read their archives for the last half of February and early March from last year. Also, Google for "Adam Plumondore" see what you can find that I missed.


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