Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can I Be an Honorary Viking, Please?

I have brown hair and eyes, but you could always claim I was adopted, or stolen on a raid...

The Danes seem to have it together properly. (Yes, that sentence was heavily edited).

I mentioned this before, and Misha has an update, with his normal level of commentary I'm just not prepared to embellish on.

Now, unlike the linked article, I DO CARE what laws they have. Now, I wasn't blogging back when Afghanistan ratified its Constitution, but I thought then, and commented to friends, "A Constitution that names Sharia as the ultimate law of the land isn't good... this is going to cause problems".

And so it has.

Afghanistan has a choice - stick to the Constitution that they wrote, and alienate virtually every Western supporter they have, or violate their Constitution, and alienate their hard-core Islam supporters.

It may turn ugly either way. But this is a very important issue to be addressed, which will largely determine Afghanistan's future relationship with Western Democracies.

Saudi Arabia, are you paying attention? You may be next.


Blogger Rivrdog said...

Sorry, Aaron, you shot a coot instead of a duck.

The lesson here is for George Bush, and also for anyone else who would lead this nation:

As long as these Islamic "Democracies" that we are trying to jumpstart are allowed to use Sharia Law exclusively, what is the point in going to the trouble to free them? This problem will occur again, soon, in Iraq, and that will be very bad news.

The point is that all Muslims are intimidated by the fundies within their religion, and they will not raise a voice to tell them that Sharia need not conflict with basic human rights.

The fundies will control every country where Sharia law is the basis of all jurisprudence.

We have the wrong foreign policy. We need to go back to active Containment policy again, which together with pre-emptive strikes on any Fundie Islamic group which prepares to exert force outside it's borders, will keep us safe enough.

Let all the Islamic states know that we will support their changing their governments, but only when a democratic Constitution is in place.

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