Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time Flies

Wow, I just realized I haven't posted anything since Sunday.

Maybe that's a good thing, because before editing, the previous sentence looked like a bad Babelfish translation from Chinese or something.

I don't have a lot of note to talk about myself, as I've basically been working at work, working at Dad's, and working at home. Sleep? Oh yeah, I knew I was leaving something out of my routine...

Here's some bloggy goodness worth noting, however:

Kansas Goes Shall-Issue. That makes Thirty-Nine states where law-abiding citizens may legally carry concealed. Remove the obvious (New Yak, New Jerky, Taxatwoshits, and Kommifornia), and that's only seven left to go.

On a more personal level, let Kim know if you know of any good (preferably indoor and inexpensive) shooting ranges around North Dallas. The excellent DFW Gun Range, Kim's "home" range, had its roof collapsed by the torrential downpour last weekend, and he's looking for options. I've offered him the use of the range at my club, but Plano-to-Mansfield is probably an hour and a half each way, AT LEAST. He's said before that he'd like to bring the Son&Heir to come shoot with me sometime, but that kind of drive isn't really practical for a several-time a week shooter.

Joe Huffman asks for opinions on holding someone accountable for dishonest behavior in college, once that accountability starts hurting them post-graduation in their job hunt. Give him your thoughts... I think my comment is about the sixth one down.

There's a new study out (apparently from Berkely, natch) reporting that in general, whiny kids in preschool grow up to be conservatives.

One commenter at Michelle Malkin's postulates that as humans, we're born with a certain amount of whining inside. Conservatives use up their whining early, Liberals don't get started 'till later in life.

I have a different theory: Preschool-age childeren can't do much for themselves. Maybe the whiny ones know something's wrong (like a dirty diaper), and try to fix it in the only way they know (being whiny or fussy). The ones who grow up to be liberals (remember, the non-whiny ones), just don't know they ought not sit in their own feces. You know, that Constitutionally-guaranteed right to sit in shit.

Doc Russia matched! Yeah, old news, I know, but I'm glad for him, even if it's going to mean a year-long program separated from his wife. But he matched in Emergency Medicine, which was his goal. Sounds like he's gonna make a good ER doc. I'm selfish, I keep hoping he ends up practicing here in Fort Worth. I'd feel a lot better about going to the nearest ER if he were the doc handling things when I got there.

AnalogKid has some thoughts on gasoline vs diesel, and availability in an emergency. Valid arguments on both sides, but the bottom line in a wide-spread emergency or disaster is going to be "fuel's hard to come by". The best answer, in my not-so-humble opinion, is have your own, already stored where you're likely to need it. Storage concerns give the nod to diesel. Unfortunately, I have MANY vehicles to maintain, and they're all using gasoline. Given that I don't want to have to solve more than one set of fuel-storage requirements, I'm stuck with gas. Kind of a shame, considering what current diesels are doing performance-wise, and the attention the performance aftermarket is starting to pay to them. I may have to revisit this topic sometime in the future.

Emporer Misha has a look at the Afghani man facing the death sentence for converting from Islam to Christianity. He's got his normal level of snark going on over this (ie, it's turned up to eleven), but it's a good point. We kicked the Taliban out to get rid of a government based on fundamental religious extremism, lack of human rights, and support of terrorism. And we may have replaced it with a government based on fundamental religious extremism and lack of human rights. If Abdul Rahman is put to death for CHOOSING WHICH RELIGION TO FOLLOW, I'm gonna have to go with the Rott's suggestions - first, pull all coalition troops out of Afghanistan (starting with Karzai's bodyguards), and second, when the Taliban remnants start causing trouble, fix the trouble with MOABs. Screw the whole "surgical strike" thing - in this case, the cure seems to be just about as bad as the cancer it was supposed to treat. Of course, we have to be realistic - unless Abdul Rahman gets out of Afghanistan, he's a dead man one way or the other. Radical Islam will kill him. The $64,000 question, however, is whether it's an individual or group committing a crime when they kill him, or the State utilizing its monopoly on the legal use of force. If the State executes him, then we have Afghanistan still being ruled by Radical Islam, and we're no better off than when we started, except that the terrorist training camps will have to eventually be rebuilt.

Ugh, that one left a bad taste in my mouth. Of course, when the Afghani Constitution was passed enumerating Sharia as the ultimate law of the land, I had a sinking feeling something like this would happen sooner or later. Maybe better it's sooner, before we REALLY invest too heavily there.

Mel has a good post up about the indoctrination of our kids going on right under our noses. This is something I've noticed before, and I'm not entirely sure what the answer is. I wish I did... and I'm going to have to find an answer before too long, because...

Lisa's ROCKIN' on her weight loss/physical fitness program.

I feel bad that she's so intimidated by the scale, but as she posted, I've said about everything on that I can think of to help. One thing she never posts on, though, is the strength gains she's making. See, she's not just losing fat by dieting, she's also building muscle by hitting the gym for 4-5 hours per week, and working with a strength trainer on top of her cardio workouts. I see it all the time, when she stands up, the way she moves, the way she keeps up with my (fast) walking pace when we're in parking lots or stores... she's not just lighter, she's STRONGER than she was before. And much healthier. She's going to be, not just not overweight, but PHYSICALLY FIT when she reaches her weight goal... and that's when I'm going to have to start finding the answers to questions like Mel's, because about nine months after that, we should be parents :)

That's probably about enough for this whirl around the blogosphere... I've got hungry doggies to feed, and should feed myself too... so I may have something up before long over at Paratus, on another long-term-storable food (since Lisa's at work, I'm the only one I'll be subjecting my culinary trainwreck on tonight).

And I need to get the next part of the Constitution up... we'll see how well the dogs' post-dinner ZZZZs stick to me.

Update: If you EVER feel like you don't get enough attention, I have the solution. Go down to the pound, and adopt four dogs. Get them into a pretty regular routine, and then be about a half-hour late with their dinner. I guarantee you'll have all the attention you would ever want.


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