Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Critterblogging: Haircuts!

Since about Spring of 2000, we've had a twice-a-year event:

Buddy and Buster get haircuts.

See, they're both long-haired dogs. And I DO mean long-haired. Buddy once fell asleep curled up in the middle of the yard, and then it started snowing. His fur was so thick, he didn't lose enough body heat to melt the snow off of him. Buster's hair is just about as long and thick.

Here in Texas, they start getting pretty miserable this time of year.

Sometime around early to mid- March, once we're pretty sure we're done with SERIOUS cold weather (around here, that means anything below 40F), Buddy and Buster go to the groomer's, and come back looking like they just entered boot camp.

Well, except this time - they went all froo-froo on me, and left Buddy's ample tail long-haired. I think I'll take Friday off, and take him back and make them finish the job.

I'm tempted to get up early tomorrow morning and go outside and play with Buddy - his first morning after his haircut always makes him act like a puppy, instead of the 14- or 15-year-old Elder Statesman that his has become.

Of course, by late June/early July, it'll be time again - they'll be pretty shaggy by then, and that's heading into the hottest part of the year. And, doing the second cut then, lets them grow enough hair back to be comfy when the weather starts cooling off in the Fall.

I'll try to get more Puppy Pics up soon.


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