Thursday, March 02, 2006

Now I'm Mad.

I'm not sure I know where to even start with this.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The initial read made me very depressed. The kind of depressed usually I can only get myself into.

Then I got mad.

Civics. History. Literacy. Logic. Critical thought.

These are the things that make a person something more than a wage-drone. Things that make a person capable of independence.

And they're the things that our public education system have systematically destroyed over the course of the last several generations.

My local FOX affilliate ran a bit on this story on the six o'clock news this evening, with 'man on the street' interviews. The ONLY example they showed of someone who knew all five freedoms from the First Amendment was some guy in his 50's (guessing). And judging by the percentages in the story, he may have been the only one they found.

Folks, if you don't homeschool your kids, start thinking about it. If you can't, think about private schools. If you can't afford that, AT LEAST spend some time with your kids teaching them the things the unionized, far-left public education system DOESN'T want them to know. Like exactly what their rights and freedoms are, and mean. And support some form of voucher system, so you can send your kids to a school that will TEACH.

I'm no Constitutional scholar, by any means. While I know what's there, I usually have to look it up to quote it properly (much like I have to do with the Bible). I've got my own remedial studying to do, as I'm a product of this same thrice-damned "educational" system - and I went to an EXCELLENT public school, in comparison to most.

We've made some notable gains on the freedom front in this country in the last couple of years - encouraging, to say the least, but certainly not enough to sit back and smile about.

However, this drove home the point that we have a bigger fight on our hands. Bigger, even, than restoring lost liberty and reclaiming power from the government that the Constitution says it's not allowed.

We've got to get serious, and get BUSY, about educating people. Our peers, our friends, our families, and most importantly, our kids.

Too many people don't even know what freedoms they SHOULD have, that have been taken away, and don't care. They don't know that they SHOULD care.

This is very terribly demoralizing to me. I didn't realize just HOW far behind we are, and how far we have to go just to pull even.

It feels like racing, and you're running good lap times, and they're getting quicker - you're improving! And then the lead guy laps you, and you realize just HOW FAR back you really are.

At this point, we could "birthday" America - repeal ALL laws, go back to nothing but the Constitution and start over - and within two generations, maybe less, we'd be as bad off as we are now, if not worse. Nobody knows to protect it. Nobody knows Liberty NEEDS protecting.

Damnit, this hurts. I don't usually pay attention to "opinion poll" stories, but this one is damn near bringing me to tears. I'd rather take a kick to the balls for every word in that story than read it again. I think it would hurt less, or at least less deeply.

But I'm going to print it out, and put it up in my cubicle at work. I'm going to put it on the refrigerator here at home. And I'm going to stay MAD about it, because I'll do something about things I'm mad about.

(And that triggered a memory that helped. Way back when TRS-80s were OK computers, and I was in High School, I had a coach who pegged that attitude of mine right off. He'd run me until my legs were Jello, and when I finished the workout he prescribed, and said, "Anything else, Coach?" He'd reply, "Nope, that's it. But what do you think Able Oviedo's doing right now?" Then he'd go home. See, Able was the only guy to beat me my senior year in the two mile run. Coach would piss me off, reminding me of my losses, then go home... and I'd run another two hours. And at District, when it mattered, I won by a BIG margin.)

Go for it, Beeb. Keep writing crap like this. Hell, even keep putting the most important part, the five freedoms, at the end of the last sentence of the last paragraph of the story. Keep me pissed off. See how far in second place YOU end up.

Funny thing, how outsiders repeatedly mistake what result their actions will have on Americans. Just to list a few:

Pearl Harbor - shock, sense of loss, grim determination, victory.
World Trade Center - shock, sense of loss, grim determination, victory (to come)

This one's something I can do something about personally - and it's headed in the same direction.

I'm no sleeping giant - but the ideas this country was built on, and that WILL be re-awakened, make giants seem miniscule.

You socialist shitstains don't know what you just did, by pointing this deficiency out for us.

But you will, because you just woke a LOT of us up.


Blogger Rivrdog said...

Aaron & Lisa, make the committment now: you will home-school yhour child from pre-school through the diploma-equivalency exam.

If you make that promise now, you will have the confidence to take the courses, get whatever degrees you need and get the job done.

The only way to handle our broken public education nighmare is to avoid it like the plague, and vote NO on every bond election.

10:36 PM  

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