Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Democrats and Leftist

No, not always the same.

And sometimes the differences are amusing.

Dems looking for re-election are having to walk a fine line. They're literally between a rock (the noisy minority Far Left, backed by the likes of Soros) and a hard place (undecided America, who sees the Far Left, and issues a collective "WTF?!?"). If they go for the campaign money, they lose the undecideds. If they go mainstream, and look for the votes, their campaign coffers dry up.

While I must admit to a bit of schadenfreude, watching the Left twitch as they are hoisted by their own petard, it also brings up another problem.

The Stupid Party has no coherent opposition, and are running right to the Big Government that they are supposed to be opposed to. This ain't good.

The Leftists are wrong, period. But we really need a good, coherent opposition to the Stupids to keep the FedGov in line. I wish I knew what that opposition was.


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