Sunday, March 12, 2006

Big Mouth, Little Ass

Al-Qaida's apparently spouting again. (h/t: Instapundit)

This strikes me as another case of diarrhea of the mouth on the case of the Turbaned Tumblefucks. I have a hard time believing that if Al-Qaida COULD hit us hard again, they would just threaten it, instead of DOING IT.

This sounds a lot more like a case of "big mouth making promises that the scrawny ass can't back up".

But anyway, they want to "bring Americans to their knees". Ok, fine. Here's what I think of when someone mentions "Americans on their knees":

Bring it, you sorry-assed seventh-century suckwads. Go ahead and piss us off AGAIN - and see where it gets you.


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