Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Numbers Games

Arbitrary numbers are just that - picked out of thin air.

Is three enough?

How about 18?


If your answer was anything other than "For what?", you've already missed the point. Go enroll in the nearest class you can find on critical thinking (like any of those EXIST any more).

These numbers came from this post by From the Grand Stand (h/t: KdT). Very perceptive, considering the same arguments keep being used, after moving the goalposts: "Two years is long enough!" "1000 American deaths is enough!" Remember when those quotes were in the "news"? Notice the only thing changing is the number?

Remember, folks: The thing the Left fears worst is history. I'm not sure if that's because it keeps jumping up to bite them on the ass, or if they just can't see it through the haze of pot smoke, and therefore it's SCARY.

But the last five years especially, if you look back or just remember the "important headlines" of the day, keep showing arguments going in circles. Get up in the Grand Stand, instead of down on the ground with the "24 hour news cycle" that expects you to forget what they said last week, and get a clearer view.

[update] Holy crap... I was only meaning to be snarky about the pot-smoking lefties not remembering history, or being afraid of it... and then I read this. (h/t: Skipper)


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