Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Doc Russia - Right Again

The Label Effect

Doc's right, again.

I think he's right that the efforts of the Minutemen brought the immigration issue to a head.

I also think he's right that the term "racist" is being slung about with such abandon that it's about to become very meaningless, or possibly even a point of pride.

Check your clock, and see how long it takes for "Xenophobe" to Join the ranks of "Gun nut," "infidel," "Jesus freak," and "Capitalist pig" as a label of pride.

Doc's got a point.

When the term "racist" finally becomes, as it looks like it's going to, a term meaning "someone who holds everyone to the same standards", I'm going to start thanking people if they call me racist.

I know what REAL racism is. Maybe not quite on the same visceral level as some people, but I'm a white man married to a black woman, and I'm just a tad touchy about rednecks' or gangstas' sideways glances (or muttered statements) about "outside your race".

REAL racism is treating people differently (either positively or negatively) because of the color of their skin, or where they came from, or the accent they speak with.

Holding everyone to the same standard is NOT racism. But if the "progressives" manage to newspeak racism into that definition, then I'll be proud to be a racist.


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