Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Food Stuff

Rivrdog has posted my latest food adventure.

This one's about freeze-dried lasagna, and was quite tasty.

Rivrdog mentioned on his main blog, and I think I should repeat here:

Neither Rivrdog nor I are getting any form of compensation from Mountain House. The meals of theirs that I've tried, and reviewed very positively, I paid for out of my pocket at Academy Sporting Goods. While I think these things are great, they do have drawbacks (biggest is price), and I describe those.

I give these things positive reviews because I LIKED THEM, and so did Lisa. Now, if Mountain House wants to start paying Rivrdog and/or me for testimonials, well, Mom may have raised an ugly boy, but not a dumbass. I'll take money and/or free product if it's offered. But I'll also be sure to tell you if that's the case. And I won't pull punches just to keep a corporate sponsor happy. If something's nasty, I'll say so, both to you, my Readers, so you'll be cautious before spending hard-earned $$, and to Mountain House, to try to help them make it better.


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