Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two Good Ones

Sorry I haven't been writing much lately... unless you want to hear about (very painful) strained backs or sheetrocking a bathroom, I'm afraid I haven't been doing much interesting lately.

But a few folks have been doing some good writing, and I'd be a sorry sack if I didn't point it out:

Kevin has another GOOD fisking up.

To Professor Saul Cornell and his pretzel-like arguments, I have Just One Question.

Next up, Gullyborg seems to have found a bit of spare time, and writes about gas prices.

Not as utterly devastating as a lot of talking heads would have you think. I agree, even though I drive a Silverado that gets about 15 mpg on average. I LIKE having a full-size truck I can rely on, and I'll pay for that privelege. That's a decision Lisa and I made together.


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