Thursday, March 15, 2007

Love dogs?

Do you have a dog? Or more than one dog?

Do you love your dogs so much that, in an emergency, you wouldn't evacuate without them?

I do, on both counts. The scenes from New Orleans after Katrina wrecked the city, where dog owners couldn't evac with their dogs, were very disturbing to me.

However, I'm not really of the "wait for the gummint to come save me" mentality either... I like the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared". And I'll add my own postscript to that, "And take care of your own".

One problem I've had though, is the possibility of a neccesary "quick evac" - basically a grab-n-go scenario. Loading down mine and Lisa's backpacks with extra food and water for the dogs didn't seem like too great an idea, but necessary to take care of the pooches.

But... somebody solved that problem!

I'm leaning toward the cheaper ones, simply because they'll never see use until they're needed. Loaded with 3 days worth of dog food and water per pup, that takes quite a load off of Lisa and I - and considering we have a baby due in 3 months, our loads will be getting heavier all on their own, thankyouverymuch.

Let yer dogs carry their own weight... and you can do a better job keeping them with you and taking care of them.


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