Friday, January 25, 2008

Huh? What Happened to January?

-or- "Dang! I'm Not Ready For Gardening Yet!"

One of the things I had planned heavily for this spring is a good-sized garden, planting a good amount of all the different veggies Lisa, Alex and I eat, and lots of extras of ones that are easily put up for storage.

At Dad's, I've got the space. I've got the mulch (and then some). I know of a few horse barns who are happy to have people haul away manure - so happy, they'll even fire up the front-end loader and fill your truck FOR you. This spring, unlike last year, I have the time.

I don't have a tiller, at least not yet - still trying to get the thing running, in between getting broke cars back on the road.

And today, reading through target planting dates for various veggies, I discovered that I should be getting some of the cold-hardy plants in NOW, as in, as much as 10 days ago.

This is something I did NOT remember from childhood and teenage years helping in the garden: How Texas' short Spring season and mild winters mean some parts of the garden that are intolerant to heat (such as carrots) need to go in between 15 January and 1 March.

Indoor tomatoes also need to be started around this time. Got a start on that tonight, should be seeing a few little baby tomato stems in about a week or two.

Oh well, live and learn. If I hurry and get the Blazer done, then hurry and get the tiller running, then hurry and get the ground prepped... maybe I'll get things planted in time.

And I printed a bunch of material out, to put in a Garden Notebook, so I can start committing this stuff to memory and not get surprised next year.

*NOTE TO SELF* Start tilling in compost and manure around Fall Daylight Savings time in '08. That should get me done in time for next spring.

On a related note: Anyone know of a large pressure canner for not too much money? New ones are a little spendy, and I hope to be needing one in a few more months. Leave a note in Comments, or email me at if you know of any leads. Thanks!


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