Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No. Just No.

Folks, we have to remember - a president's policies can do good or harm, but only for a few years.


Every Single Candidate still in the race for the White House stinks from stinksville, in my conservative point of view. I don't want any of these rats in the Oval Office for a day, much less for four years.

But one of them is going to make it.

Each and every one of them is very likely to hurt this country. So now, the question is, who's going to hurt it the least?

That question is not answered by who has the least-idiotic policies. As I said, a bad president's bad policies can usually only hurt the country for a few years.

The thing to look at is judicial appointments, specifically to the Supreme Court.

Looking at the ages of SC justices, the next administration (especially if it goes 8 years) may well replace half YES HALF of the United States Supreme Court... and if the Justices appointed are in their 40s, this could easily affect the Supreme Court for the next 40 years... well after this next President is dead and (rightfully) forgotten.

THAT is the deciding factor for me in this election - all of the candidates suck based on their records; we will NOT have a good President in the next term. What matters is what kind of Justices are going to be appointed by the next scum-sucker to occupy the Oval Office; this next President is going to suck, but my son won't remember him. My son will, however, be affected by Supreme Court rulings by Justices appointed this term until he's more than halfway to retiring.

Now, all that said... any conservative saying they hate McCain so much they'd vote for Billary, all I have to say is: No. Just No.


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