Friday, March 14, 2008

Company on the way

Rivrdog is on his way to North Texas... I'll get a chance to show off some good Texas Hospitality!

He's already visited a couple of people in Texas, but I intend to show what old-fashioned hospitality REALLY is :)

Got plans for food all laid out; guest bedroom is just about ready. And the BBQ Across Texas should get a pretty good post once he gets here; I've enlisted the help of a true expert.

Good steaks and great BBQ (thanks to Cap'n Mo) are on the menu, some good breakfasts, a private shooting range, visits with some good solid folks... I'm gonna try to make this area a vacation destination for Rivrdog in the future :)

Rivrdog posted stuff for me back before I had my own blog, just because he thought what I was doing was worth something. He's the one who convinced me that what I had to say was worth something; I guess he's my blogfather.

So we'll see what he has to say once he gets here :)

Got a bit more tidying up to do, but the guest room is ready, and we'll show what open-ended Texas Hospitality is all about :)


Blogger George said...

Well, I'm here and I'm impressed. Texas hospitality is THAT good, and yes, so is Shiner Bock.

I can't wait for that BBQ tomorrow...

6:48 AM  

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