Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Yummies

Please ignore the mess - the important part is the veggies on the paper plate/towels and the pickles behind them.

ALL from our garden.

Pickles, of course, are because cucumbers almost always overproduce. Using my Great-grandmother's recipe, I canned up TEN QUARTS of dill pickles (traded one quart for some fresh tomatoes and peppers from my friend Bud; he spent more money and planted more-mature seedlings than I did, and I WANT tomatoes! Mine are still green). The fried plate is okra, potatoes, and squash, diced and dredged in a mix of cornmeal and flour, fried in oil with a super-diced onion and garlic.

Okra, potatoes, squash, and onion all came from the garden Lisa and I have been working on.


Now, I am by NO means a vegetarian - If God didn't want us to eat animals, He shouldn't have made them taste so good.

But that was an AWESOME dinner, even with no meat at all. And all the better, that almost all of it was home-grown.

Still have a week or so before the pickles should be good to try; I'm looking forward to seeing how they taste :)

This is from a few nights ago. Tonight we had some fried green tomatoes, and they were good too. (I prefer ice-cold ripe tomatoes, sliced with a little salt). I accidentally knocked a green tomato off the vine yesterday, and told Lisa to pick some green ones today to make FGTs. She'd been craving them... yummy, just not my preferred prep for tomatoes :)

Green beans, sweet corn, and cantaloupe soon; okra, squash, and cucumbers still coming in like gangbusters. I'm about to call done on lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes, and get things ready to put purple-hulled peas in their place for this fall.

Also going to greatly increase the size of the garden. Stay tuned!

More good stuff later.... Tomatoes are plentiful and ripening,

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Blogger George said...

Yowza! Put some of that veggie goodness in the smoker-grill, and do it up along with a brisket...some country loin chops, and some decent sausages....and you might even get me to eat them.

I am convinced that we don't have to be omnivores, we could be just carnivores.

3:15 PM  
Blogger George said...

BTW, consider yourself a farmer...

3:15 PM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

Considering I can't raise food animals at the farm until I live there (too many predators), I'll settle for growing my veggies and buying meat... but that'll change once I build us a house out there.

Next go-round will be mostly the same ingredients, but stir-fried instead of breaded and deep-fried. Still have a few days to wait until I find out if the pickles are any good.

And I'll consider myself a farmer when I can grow enough to put food away for the rest of the year... can't do that with the little 1200 sqft garden I planted, but I plan to quadruple it for the fall planting.

Yes, we have TWO growing seasons down here in Texas... Spring, then Stupid Hot, then Fall, then pretty Chilly, which leads quickly back into Spring.

When I can grow enough to get by for a year, I'll consider myself a Farmer. Still learning on that one, but with what Daddy taught me, and what I'm learning from this little garden, the learning curve should be pretty short.

10:00 PM  

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