Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tools, Argh!

Found out today my harmonic balancer puller has some screwed-up threads. Not sure how that happened, but it stopped me short on turning the Blazer's engine into a bunch of small parts.

Almost simultaneously, Friend Tommy called, and asked to borrow a tool I have to finish doing brakes on his daughter's new (to her) car.

And offered to help me on the Blazer tomorrow until *I* got tired - which should be around 11pm - midnight.

Sounds like a good trade to me :) I'll get the tools and parts I need tomorrow afternoon, then Tommy and I should be able to finish up fixing the timing chain tomorrow night.

And when we finished the brakes on the Daughter's car, we enjoyed a few beers, cigars, and good long talk... something we haven't been able to do in WAY too long.

All in all, a good evening :)

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