Monday, October 13, 2008


Just a reminder... since our Founding Fathers, American Democratic Republic (I may have said that wrong, forgive me) has rested on a three-legged stool.

Soap Box... Have your say.

Ballot Box... Vote your say.

Cartridge Box... for when the first two are overrun by a government out of control.

70-90% of the populace told the House of Representatives NOT to vote for the MOAB (Mother Of All Bailouts). They voted for it anyway, once it was sufficiently pork-laden.

The Soap Box failed.

The Ballot Box is in a couple of weeks. GO VOTE!!! Vote AGAINST anybody, regardless of party, who voted against what their constituents said on this MOAB that isn't working. (Kay Granger, call your office; I'm talking about you).

Make sure your Cartridge Box is full.


Blogger George said...

Yep, vote the rascals out!

But, I figger that if we succeed with this mission, the ones who skated by will never learn the lesson, because the MSM will nod gravely and tell us that it's just history, that more often than not when the White House changes flavor, so does the Congress.

Let's try anyhow.

Beats the hell out of Step Two, taking the field to straighten this mess out by means of the Cartridge Box.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

The Cartridge Box is where I hope we DON'T have to go.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

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12:08 AM  

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