Monday, October 06, 2008

Currency Issues

This may be a case of "I don't understand everything I know".

All evidence I've seen indicates that the US Dollar will be worth less soon than it is now.

But all this economic disruption, globally, may mean that the US Dollar loses less than other currencies.

This could be an opportunity to buy imports at an advantageous price.

I intended to link to for this post, specifically Wolf brand ammo (made in Russia), but I'm getting "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" when I try to bring the site up. Disturbing.

If other currencies are falling in relation to the US Dollar, this could be a good time to look at buying any goods imported to the US. Their prices should drop, at least for now. Anything on your shopping list, watch prices. But keep in mind, currency markets can and do turn on a dime, so don't wait TOO long.



Blogger George said...

There's some speculation over at Phil's place at Random Nuclear Strikes blog about cars...I think that the money and credit crunch will result in the Big Three wanting to re-badge some more European cars and sell them here.

Of interest would be some of their fuel-sipping diesels. If we got enough of them in the country, there might be enough political pressure to cut the diesel tax.

10:06 AM  

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