Friday, October 17, 2008

Did Iran just launch a nuclear strike at Israel?

I'm not sure this post is for real or not.

There are several reasons to doubt it:

1) If it were meant to be a "dirty bomb" to cover Israel's coast, why wouldn't it have had some security (just in case of this type of piracy)?

2) Why wouldn't Iran have waited until January, when there's a fair chance the new President Obama would be sympathetic to them?

3) Why would China sell Iran radioactive sand, when it's pretty plain this is what it would be used for, and the radioactive isotopes would be traced back to their reactors?

The original post is really short on supporting evidence. Although hijacked ships aren't known for "on the ground" reporting, I'll need some supporting evidence before I believe this.

I won't expect ANY supporting evidence, however, from America's mainstream media. This story, if true, would only bring national security back to the forefront of the presidential campaigns, and that's Golden Boy Obama's weakest area.

The real problem for America is: If this story IS true (and it's plausible, if not probable), there's really nothing stopping Iran (or a friendly subsidiary) from trying to do the same thing in one of OUR ports.

I'll be watching for more information on this story.


Blogger George said...

First dark of the moon after Nov 4th, if Obama wins, Israel will attack Iran. They might use this ship as an excuse, but the attack will be to destroy the weapons-grade uranium labs that are at the heart of Iran's nuke weapons program.

Be prepared. Together with the turbulence already present in the economy, the shock waves from this attack will likely plunge our economy deeper towards Depression.

11:59 AM  

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