Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ugh, I hate being sick.

Left work at 1pm Monday after hoping lunch would make me feel better, and being horribly disappointed.

Got up Tuesday, not much better, so stayed home.

Good news is, when I woke a little bit ago (after sleeping LOTS in the past 36 or so hours), I think I've kicked the flu in just over 48 hours. Probably 'cause I sidelined myself about as soon as I realized what it probably was.

Bad news is, I missed a day and a half of work, plus half a day of being mostly worthless 'cause I felt like nine miles of hammered dog crap.

Anyway, I did catch a couple of movies I hadn't seen, as well as lots of History Channel and Science channel stuff during the times I couldn't sleep...

War of the Worlds (new version): Steven Spielberg can take his views on gun control and *self-edited to keep this blog within some semblance of family-friendly*. Tom Cruise, again, played "Tom Cruise playing some part or other". Pretty special effects... but I think I like the original movie adaptation better, even though I've never seen the whole thing and the special effects seem cheesy now.

Hitch: Cute romantic comedy. Personally, I like Will Smith's style. Otherwise, several cute moments, typically predictible romantic comedy.

More than a few shows I drifted in & out through, unmemorable.

Anyway.... Gonna try to catch a few more Z's before getting up for work in the morning... hopefully I'll be back to more interesting stuff soon.


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