Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spinnin' Wrenches - Taurus, verse Five

The Taurus has officially been nicknamed "Aaron's Favorite Little Pain in the Ass".

No bent valves that Cap'n Mo or I could detect. Valve faces were pretty well trashed, though - heavily pitted (not sure WHAT caused that).

Lapping the valves into the seats far enough to eliminate all the pits would have resulted in poor seating surfaces, and burned valves in probably about a month.

SOOOO... tonight I finished putting the valves, springs, and keepers back in the heads. Monday we'll take them to exchange for a set of re-man'd heads, with new valves, seats, and guides.

Hopefully we'll then be able to reassemble everything semi-easily, and AFLPITA will run properly.

AFLPITA. I may have to engrave that somewhere on that car. And I have an engraving tool to do it, too... *evil grin*


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