Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Critterblogging: The Pics

Here are the doggies, post-haircut.

This is Buddy, being a bit camera-shy:

Buddy, with Edgar looking on, wondering, "Are we going outside?"

And Buster, in front of Lucky's chair, hoping he doesn't have to go outside:

When I left for work this morning, Buddy and Buster had coats where the outer hair was probably 6-8" long. Now their hair is shorter than Lucky the Dalmation's.

Lisa's hoping I'll get my hair cut next.

It's a little saddening... Buddy's hair grows in thick and black, but when it's cut short, all the gray/white hairs show. Every year there's more. This year his ears are seriously salt&peppered... he's getting old.

I've been finding some great pictures of the dogs that Dad took... I really need to get my scanner working so I can post them. Which brings me to the topic of my next post...


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